25 Year Industry Leader

Cougar Pipe

Cougar Pipe Company is headquartered in Lafayette, LA and has been in the casing, tubing and line pipe business for more than 25 years. We supply our customers based on their individual needs using domestic mill relationships, trading companies and new/used-inspected material. We currently stock material for projects in Mississippi, Pennsylvania and Texas and are always looking for new opportunities to expand our supply chain base.

In addition to tubulars, Cougar Pipe can support your programs by providing delivery, planning, complete string support (accessory items), repairs and inspection. Cougar would like the opportunity to support your tubular requirements from one joint to multi-string programs.

We are also a buyer of surplus inventory. If you have stock that is underutilized, used or program remnants, please give us a call.


The core of our values

Risk Management

Risk Management

Let us plan your programs with the mill and coordinate to bill as your pipe ships to the well. Cancellable/ returnable plans can be applied to any project.



We coordinate timing and delivery to your wellsite with your representative at the well and can coordinate returns, repairs and disposal of scrap material.



Our mills/storage locations offer a variety inspections that exceed mill/API requirements including: Arctic testing, Collapse testing, Corrosion as well as standard: Burst, EMI, SEA, UT and VTI. Third party monitors are always welcome and rig-prep is available.


Casing, Tubular, Line Pipes

Casing, Tubular Pipes, & Line Pipes

Along with new mill rolling programs, Cougar Pipe stocks items that are not common, hard to produce and in less than mill rolling quantities. Items on our published list are categorized three ways: New Prime (Ledgible mill markings and matching mill certification), New Surplus (Grade and threads confirmed, but no mill paperwork available) and Yellow Band (These items are used, but have been subject to burst, 15% UT and visual thread inspections.). All of these items are subject to buyer’s sole inspection and can be returned for any reason as long as they are returned in original condition.